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    This is a cool song and a cooler album: Never So Big by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, with vocals performed by Sia off their concept album Here Lies Love. Holy crap, talk about a collaboration.

    The album follows former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos (and her nanny Estrella) until she and her family were forced to leave the Philippines.  Random, yeah a little, but David Byrne (former frontman and principal songwriter of Talking Heads) has expressed his fascination with the story and his longtime interest in making a concept album that could be played in a club setting.  

    Here Lies Love features guest appearances by female singers on nearly all of the 22 tracks, including Cyndi Lauper on Why Don’t You Love Me and Eleven Days, Sharon Jones on Dancing Together, and Florence Welch on title track Here Lies Love

    This was the first time I heard Sia sing, and WHAT A VOICE!  The award-winning Australian has collaborated with downtempo duo Zero 7 and is featured covering Paranoid Android on Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads. 

    David Byrne

    Fatboy Slim


    Sharon Jones


    Florence Welch


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    3 years ago

    WATCH Mark Kelly kill it this year at the Montreux Jazz Festival.  I saw him playing on the street instead of in an overpriced Swiss concert venue in July and ended up sticking around for 3 whole sets.  Interactive, Entertaining, Talented. The man is a superstar. 

    WATCH Mark Kelly kill it this year at the Montreux Jazz Festival.  I saw him playing on the street instead of in an overpriced Swiss concert venue in July and ended up sticking around for 3 whole sets.  Interactive, Entertaining, Talented. The man is a superstar. 

    Mark Kelly





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    I’ve been feelin’ this song for months now. Even though it never broke through as a single, tracks that flow and get your head bobbing like Fantastique by Canadian rap legend K-OS aren’t easy to come by these days. Unfortunately, conscious rap usually takes a backseat to flashier hip-hop genres in the mainstream.
    Fantastique comes off the 2002 debut album [Exit], a record that gained well-deserved critical acclaim due to an eclectic mix of genres strung together by thought-provoking lyrics and reflective themes.

    Two things I love about this song in particular:
    1.   The line “pimps just react to things, men make ‘em happen”. Pretty great message here about the cowardliness of those who objectify other human beings, and it flows off the tongue beautifully.
    2.  The Outro.  Off the bat, the scratching is top notch.  But what I dig is the 8th-note triplets Randall Stoll (of K.D. Lang fame) lays down on the drums every 3 bars.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, listen at 2:15. That lag feeling and the snare hit just after the 4th beat (where you expect it to hit) gets me goin’ every single time, and since hearing it it’s been a fun little fill to use in my own drumming. 


    Randall Stoll

    conscious rap




    KD Lang

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    3 years ago

    FINALLY picked up my tickets to see Umphrey’s Mcgee at the Mod Club in Toronto on November 3!  The members of the 6-piece Prog-rock/Jamband outfit have some of the best chops in the game, and put on a phenomenal live show!

    FINALLY picked up my tickets to see Umphrey’s Mcgee at the Mod Club in Toronto on November 3!  The members of the 6-piece Prog-rock/Jamband outfit have some of the best chops in the game, and put on a phenomenal live show!

    Umphrey's Mcgee


    Mod Club




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    3 years ago

    Everyday Sunshine by Fishbone is a song that’s been stuck in my head for a while now.  Off their 1991 release The Reality of My Surroundings, this catchy and uplifting tune is by a band that unfortunately most people haven’t heard of.  Thankfully a documentary (also called Everyday Sunshine) is soon it be released, chronicling the strange careers of these ska-punk innovators. 
    Fishbone’s music is a hybrid of ska, punk, funk, reggae, and rock. When they started out in the early 80’s they were caught in limbo between the traditionally-separated black and white music communities. What that amounted to was not mainstream success, but instead a devoted cult following.
    Today’s incarnation comes after several lineup changes, album flops, and even kidnapping cases. In 1993, before Lollapalooza, guitarist and singer Kendall Jones quit the band. Bassist John Norwood Fisher tracked him down, but was charged with kidnapping!   To get the pioneering bassist’s legal expenses covered, benefit concert was organized and featured legendary 90’s rock groups Porno for Pyros, Primus, Tool, and Alice in Chains.  Gotta love the comradery in the music community!







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    "Whatever you do, take care of your shoes."

    Phish, Cavern



    Picture of Nectar

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    Glastonbury 2011, June 22-26, in Somerset, England was ridiculous.

    Glastonbury is more than just camping and music, it is truly a FESTIVAL!  Nine-hundred acres of lunacy including a 24-hour circus, knee-deep mud, open-air nightclubs, an authentic Mexican wrestling ring, cider beer, ostrich burgers, fancy dress, and more mud…and a vein of damn good music running through the whole ordeal. 

    In terms of the music, Glastonbury is famous for an endless lineup of bands and performers (and I mean endless: several hundred bands, not to mention the slew of fantastic fringe entertainment). There were a few big name artists, namely Queens of the Stone Age, Coldplay, and Paul Simon, that I knew I would not let myself miss, but I left the majority of the 5-day festival open for exploration and discovery.  Instead of running around trying to see every single big name act, I paced myself and ended up stumbling upon some musical needles in the proverbial haystack.

    If you haven’t heard of Katzenjammer, you probably aren’t alone. But of all the early-afternoon acts I saw this weekend, they were the cream of the crop.  Four talented (and cute) Norwegian girls who fused pop-rock with a Gogol Bordello-esque gypsy vibe. They played on a small stage in the pouring rain, but won over the audience with viciously catchy tunes and phenomenal energy. Hands down, this was one of the funnest concerts of the weekend.
    : www.myspace.com/katzenjammerne   

    I had heard of Eels but never listened to their music. Luckily I was walking by as their set on the "Other Stage" started. I’m a sucker for a good horn section, and that’s exactly what these guys had that drew me in.  I ended up sticking around for most of the set; lead man Mark Oliver Everett's music has some sort of weird nostalgia, even though I'd never heard it. Certainly worth a listen.

    Pretty Lights was a show I was lucky to catch.

    The Colorado-based DJ usually plays North American gigs with one of my favourite drummers - Adam Deitch (part of a group of talented funk revivalists at New York and Boston’s Royal Family Records) - but as I expected, he was touring Europe as a solo DJ act.  I don’t typically like DJ-as-concert sets, but Pretty Lights was different.  His heavy sound draws from rock, vintage funk, soul, and hip hop influences, which I think struck a chord with the crowd.  People were NOT just doing the unison arm bounce (right hand up and down, left hand holding a drink) as is the case most electronic shows these days. Boring right? Instead, we were dancing our asses off, and definitely not trying to look cool doing it.

    Pretty Lights: www.prettylightsmusic.com (All his music is free to download, how it should be!)



    Gogol Bordello


    Pretty Lights

    Adam Deitch

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    3 years ago

    This is Run To You by KC Roberts & The Live Revolution. The song is originally by Bryan Adams, a legendary Canadian rock singer-songwriter, and was covered by the band as an audition for CBC’s upcoming series Cover Me Canada.

    I first discovered KC Roberts with his former band, the Raw Blue, at the Beaches International Jazz Festival in Toronto. He sang like Jamiroquai, played guitar like Jimmy Herring, and rapped like no white man has any business rapping. I was hooked. I bought the album after hearing two songs. I went home, logged into iTunes, and bought another KC Roberts album (his first album with an even older band Tomphoolery). 

    His arrangements are impeccable and I drool at this man’s ear for harmony, syncopation, and layering.  All seven members of the current lineup are graduates from some of Toronto’s finest jazz music schools and, needless to say, these guys can f***ing WAIL!  Chino de Villa is an absolute machine on the drums. The chemistry between him and bassist Matt Fullbrooke is undeniable, and as a musician, it’s enviable.

    Add some keys into the mix, and the rhythm section sets the stage for KC and some of the city’s best young horn players to fill out the band’s hip, funky, jazzy, soulful sound. Seriously, their music makes me want to get up and dance, what more could someone want from a funk band! 

    In my opinion this is truly one of the best groups around and Toronto is lucky to have’em.

    Toronto Music



    KC Roberts

    Bryan Adams

    Run To You


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    And so it Begins

    Greetings citizens of Tumblrville. This my brand new blog. I plan to use it as an outlet to share the music I enjoy and the thoughts I have about music in whatever way, shape, or form I feel appropriate; that includes links to websites, Mp3s, pictures, videos, biographies, lyrics, and even original material (a person should like their own music too, am I right!?). 

    It is my goal to give you some detailed background on the content I post because, when it comes to music, a good understanding of context is often relevant, sometimes necessary, and ALWAYS INTERESTING.

    To me, music is like falling eloquently down a long flight of stairs and landing on your feet: It is PERFECT. This blog won’t be, but if you can take something home with you - a new favourite band; a desire to hit up the nearest music festival; a tune to hum in the shower - then this is certainly all worthwhile.

    Please comment on anything and everything, I value all input/feedback!